Solid wood wall units with a wide variety of planning options. More variety than a TV variety show.

Elements in a range of heights, widths, and depths, combined with our Home Entertainment system, the cubus shelf system, or our design elements, offer practically unlimited planning possibilities when it comes to our cubus and cubus pure wall units. There is also a variety of opening functions, such as drawers, flaps, hinged doors, and sliding doors. And so that you can keep an overview of so much storage space, the wall units can even be equipped with different lighting systems.

Wall units

Drawing of the differences between the TEAM 7 entry hall ranges

The subtle differences.

The central design feature of cubus pure is the elegant coloured glass that envelops the fronts like a passepartout. Fine glass edges and a recessed plinth create a light, floating appearance. Characteristic of cubus are the handcrafted details, such as slot-and-pin connections and a 25 mm thick solid wood top board, which emphasise its solid construction.


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